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Wayne leans against the counter and you grab the small of the back, his face is one of a man who doesnt need much from the woman. You start to unzip his jacket and he looks at you and grins, hes going to be a joy to ride. This isnt the first time youve ridden here, is it. You smile as you lean into the back of the truck, smiling at the woman across from you. Hes an odd one, you guess you can see it in his eyes. Youve seen her a few times around the university; you were a bit nervous walking into her class when you first started. Waynes right, you dont need a ride. There are plenty of other places you can get one. You just need to make a little time to yourself, you can do that, I think. You think of a song in your head, a song thats been there the whole time and has never failed to warm you when youre alone and you start taking in a deep breath. When you were around your parents and a couple of the older brothers, you were given the name Wayne, which was the name of your mothers first boyfriend. It was a common name, and even as a child you knew it had potential. But your parents had changed it, for some fucking reason. Im sorry Ma, Im not the boy you thought I was going to be. You try to explain when the tears start to well up in your eyes. Wayne stands there, the smile on his face is one that you never thought hed show, and he holds you. Hes holding you tighter than you can ever know. You whisper into his shoulder, Ill always be here if you need to talk to me, I will. He asks in a gentle tone, like hes a father thats holding his little girl, and you know the answer. You tomorrowYou just nod your head and continue to hold his eyes. Tomorrow then, you can go back home. He pulls his jacket over his head and you lean against him. He looks at you and squeezes your hand, he seems to be smiling the whole time. Itll just be one more thing to put in you diary for a long day of traveling, a long day of eating, a long day of sleeping and a long day of riding. The sun is shining on the city, and the city is the city, it needs to be. If youve learned anything about New Wave, its that everything really is bigger in Texas.

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