Night classes have led cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering education for over 60 …

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Ve been trying to get your head around all this for a while now. Ve always been a bit of a curious person and you think it would be good to actually meet with someone from the school who might be able to help you even just a little on your own. Ve come all the way from the city to see about something as small as this. M quite in the mood for all this Empire business, though perhaps I can be used as a sounding board on this. As I recall, we last had any sort of contact with the new government a few decades back and their involvement in education is of considerable importance to us. So you do have another Imperial Beauty School. T really think of ourselves as an Imperial Beauty School. Re just a school in the city that specializes in producing beautiful and talented young women. T really exist outside of the realm of beauty queens and pretty girls. S values, we teach Empire values. Re an Empire school that only specializes in beauty. S more than that, we also teach skills and leadership skills of course. You might be wondering why a school of this nature is even within the City-State of Nalin. S not out of lack of potential interest, quite the contrary. Nalin has long been known as the Beauty Capital of the Known World and as such has produced a large number of talented women who have made significant contributions to civilization. However, the beauty of the Empire and its culture is not without its drawbacks. As we all know there can only be one during a political dispute between the Empire and the Delantium Republic. Naturally during these times we have to teach our daughters to stand up for themselves when.

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