NFL Announcer Sneaks in Taylor Swift Reference on Travis Kelce Touchdown

travis kelce taylor swift

Travis Kelce is said to be “hanging out” with Taylor Swift — something the NFL world just can’t get enough of … and which bled into Sunday’s broadcast of his big game.

NFL announcer Ian Eagle — who called the Chiefs game Sunday — snuck in a Swift reference after TK scored his first touchdown of the season against the Jags. It was a simple toss from Mahomes into the end zone … but a big deal since Trav missed last week’s opener.

As Travis and his teammates were celebrating … Eagles said, “Kelce finds a blank space for the score!” His broadcasting partner didn’t say anything, but everyone picked up on it.

Even right after this, Eagles kept it going … saying Kelce was able to shake it off considering he didn’t play last week following an injury. So, yeah, everyone’s still giddy about the news.

ICYMI … word of Travis and Taylor possibly dating first started to percolate earlier this week after The Messenger reported they’ve been seeing each other lately. Other outlets confirmed they’re spending time together … but stopped short of saying they’re full-blown dating.

Based on what Travis’s bro had to say about it on TNF … sounds like they’re just banging.

Remember, back in July … Travis revealed he tried shooting his shot with Taylor during one of her concerts — but apparently got denied at the time. Since sharing this story, however, it sounds like TS got in touch and then some — which just goes to show, manifesting is real!

If Taylor and Trav are, in fact, keeping it casual … that lines up with how she handled the Matty Healy fling earlier this year. TayTay’s obviously doing her thing post-Joe Alwyn.

Anyway, the Chiefs are on the verge of a win … and you gotta imagine TK’s feeling good. For a number of reasons, really. 😅

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