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CA Accredited Granada of Los Los Angeles.

S pretty good for a little place called Granada Hills, you say. Hey, they call us G-Hills here. Ve gotten to know us a lot better, says Mr. But if you want, I can explain it in more detail. After giving him time to talk, you decide to join the conversation. Um, no I suppose not, says Mr. I want to be like, the fucking GOD of the fucking hills. T really get many celebrities here, no offense. M the fucking greatest goddamn rock star on the fucking face of the goddamn earth. You turn to walk away, but Mr. Newberry stands there with an angry look on his face. Be more friendly when you come around here. That was a terrible choice of words, you fucking dick. He then points to the sign that says MuseumWell. Why dont you take a seat, I was actually about to begin. You sit down at a table and take a seat as well, but you still keep your eyes glued to that sign all the time.

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