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I just want to tell the world that there is another way. M talking about the new Korean skin care products that have been introduced. Some of these new products can only be called natural. They contain ingredients that are not even commonly found in nature. These products must not just be natural they must be New Age. In fact, I believe this new beautyKorean skin care trend must be called New Age K-Beauty; because what is this K-Beauty exactly anyway. As a recent convert to Korean skin care after being sold many books by Dr. S a little on the radical side of things I can say that these new natural skin care products are definitely worth trying. M a bit skeptical about acids and creams that are supposed to cure acne, but if this is a natural product that works to stop my skin from breaking out, then the hell with acne. I can even try this with no harsh chemicals in it. Ll wait to hear from you before you do the test. S going to be a great story to tell people. Your new book may be an even better story for a long time. Ll write about you as if you were my best friend or my husband. Ll write about you as if you were a beautiful woman that.

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