New dad Danny Miller breaks down in tears saying we were destined to be parents’

As Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle, fans are used to seeing Danny Miller getting emotional, whether it's over his latest failed romance, fall outs with mum Chas or drama around his troubled little sister Liv. The 30-year-old star has been a firm favourite since joining the soap back in 2008.

But Danny's tears were for real, not the cameras, as he opened up to OK! in an emotional interview in which he and fiancee Steph introduced their new baby son Albert. And OK! VIPs can see as the popular star is overwhelmed by his feelings of joy, in an exclusive video interview.

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As Danny and his fiancee Steph Jones introduce their son just a week after his birth, the delighted soap star admits that it's been a long road to get to this point.

"As brand new parents we’re feeling very privileged that Albert’s finally here and we are finally parents after all this time," smiles Danny, who goes on to explain that he and Steph had struggled to conceive and were on the verge of looking for help when they received the news that changed their lives forever.

"We were about to star IVF when we found that we had naturally conceived and were expecting a baby," reveals the actor, who has won numerous awards for his performance as Aaron Dingle.

"So all that heartache of 'it wasn’t going to happen, was it going to happen?' then the birth…it was the first time Steph had been pregnant and there could be complications so the anxiety of that and then getting to 12 weeks and 20 weeks…" says Danny, thinking back to those nervy times during the pregnancy.

"Then suddenly we got to 30 weeks and thought 'Oh my gosh the baby’s going to be here in a few weeks' and it flew by. And then we were finally in that room…"


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As the couple sit with their week old baby, Danny gazes adoringly at his son, and wells up when he discusses how much Albert has changed the couple's lives.

"We were always destined to be a mum and dad and I think we’re already doing really well considering it’s our first baby and we’ll learn as we go along," says Danny proudly. "We’ll make mistakes I’m sure But I feel very blessed…and I’m going to cry!"

The pair laugh at the new dad's bubbling emotion, but Steph is just as smitten.

"Albert’s now a week old and it’s probably been the best week of our lives so far," reveals the midwife and new mum. "It’s very emotional and overwhelming and we just couldn’t imagine our life without him now."

Several factors made the birth even more special for Danny and Steph, like the fact that the midwives who helped deliver Albert were her friends and colleagues. And the birth meant that Danny had come full circle…

"I always wanted to feel a part of it and not feel like I was out of place," he admits. "I was born at the same hospital so it was nice to go back there and bring him into the world at the hospital where I was brought into the world."

"When it eventually came to the moment when Albert came out and was lifted above to show us what he was I was just gobsmacked."

Now the duo have become a family, it's clear that it will be a while before Danny comes down to earth.

"I think there aren’t words to describe it," he beams. "When we were speaking to the mums and dads that we know who have had their own kids recently and in the past, they’ve all said the same thing, that you won’t be able to put it into words."

"You try to put it into words but you just can’t, it’s just a feeling that’s unexplainable really. And personally I look at the relationship that me and Steph have now…it’s more stronger and the love that I have for both of them is a lot more."

Danny is rumoured to be going into the I'm A Celebrity… camp, which may be another reason why spending every minute he can with Steph and Albert right now feels so very precious.

"I’m just in awe and I could look down at him – and Steph – for hours without realising how much time has passed."

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