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Why the hell would you want to leave it. Yeah, Charley agrees, as he takes your sling back. It is a strange place indeed, but then it is Neopia. The air is crisp and clean, like it was brought straight from a fancy spa. We have legal weed here, which is sure fire way to get people to do anything. We have a few drugs that are sort of like marijuana, such as Blue Dream and Psycho. However, since its illegal to sell drugs in Neopia, we must simply deal them. Usually at the Summer Sky Resort where its legal, which is just a fancy place with a big green lawn. Most of the time, resorts like this one are places of ill repute, but weve never had any problems here. Sometimes they even let us have drugs so we can have some fun, but in any case, we havent had to deal with druggies or anyone else from the illegal drugs. I thought the whole point of coming here was to visit the Spa and meet Princess Bridgettana. Anyway, well be seeing you at the Summer Sky Resort. Its also where we met the Princesses in the first place. Theres no grass, the staff is racist towards us Neopets, and theres an old lady who charges money to look at your skin. Why do they even have a place like this. You head further into the mountains, knowing you dont need to worry about monsters or something similar. After a few hours of travelling, you see a large wall. Because of some magical barrier protecting against monsters. Maybe the monsters are too stupid to think of digging tunnels like this.

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