NBA Star Michael Porter Jr. Refuses To Get COVID Vaccine

Michael Porter Jr. — one of the biggest rising stars in the NBA — says he will not get the COVID vaccine … explaining he doesn’t “feel comfortable” with the idea of getting the shots.

The Denver Nuggets forward — who’s made anti-vaxx statements in the past (see the video below) — spelled out his feelings to The Denver Post this week, saying he just flat-out doesn’t want the vaccine.

“For me, I had COVID twice,” Porter Jr. said. “I saw how my body reacted, and although the chances are slim, with the vaccine, there’s a chance you could have a bad reaction to it.”

He added, “For me, I don’t feel comfortable.”

Porter Jr. also insisted the NBA should not be allowed to require its players to get the jab … saying, “It should be everyone’s decision.”

“I see it both ways,” the 23-year-old continued. “If you want to get it because you feel more protected and you feel safer, and it’s protecting people around you, get it. That’s good for you. But if you feel like, ‘Oh, for me, I don’t feel safe getting it, then don’t get it.'”

For now, the Association has not made it mandatory for players to get the vaccine … although the unvaxxed will have far more rules and regulations placed on them this season than the vaxxed.

For example, vaccinated players will have more freedom to leave hotels while on the road as well test much less often for COVID.

Porter Jr., though, is clearly fine with that … adding, “I don’t want to risk putting something that might affect me negatively in my body.”

As a reminder, doctors and government officials have said repeatedly the COVID vaccine is safe and can protect you and others around you from a severe reaction to the virus.

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