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S also saved you from having to face the GZS facility itself. Meanwhile, the GZS facility itself has been overrun by hostile automatons. Ve got more than enough firepower to do it. About working together, but you get no reply. S a little more talkative, though he still manages to sound annoyed about it. S not without a little bit of resistance. Before when he saved you from the GZS facility, but he has not forgotten about you. You can come, but you have to be on your own. Ll come back in a couple of hours to collect you. I thought we spent quite a few years together. Yeah, that was before all this shit went down. Back then, you were still my favorite, if I do say so myself. I heard a rumor that the underground bunker was still intact so I went to check it out. Ve been sitting out there with a bunch of other crazy people trying to figure out how to run things without the GZS guys here to fuck up our shit.

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