NAACP Rips NBA Over Robert Sarver's Fine, Suspension, 'Punishment Is A Joke!'

The NAACP is ripping the NBA over the one-year suspension and $10 million fine of Phoenix Suns/Mercury owner Robert Sarver … calling the punishment a complete joke.

As we previously reported, Sarver was hit with the penalty on Tuesday … after a lengthy investigation found the 60-year-old used the n-word several times, treated female staff unfairly, sexually harassed women, and used inappropriate physical conduct towards male employees, among other troubling trends.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson is pissed over the NBA’s response to the disturbing behavior … saying “fining a billionaire $10M is nothing but a speeding ticket.”

It should be noted … the $10 million fine is the most allowable under NBA bylaws.

“The NBA’s response is shameful. They have failed to adequately address this man’s history of racism, sexism, and his years-long nourishment of a toxic culture,” Johnson said.

“The fact that the NBA would hand down this so-called ‘punishment’ in the same year we lost a legend like Bill Russell, who fought racism his entire life, only underscores how prevalent racism still is today.”

“The punishment doesn’t fit the crime whatsoever, and the NBA must do better than this. This is far from accountability.”

The NAACP continued on Wednesday .. retweeting an ESPN segment on the Sarver story …  questioning how this penalty equals retribution.

“So remind us again why a $10 million fine and a 1-year suspension is really teaching anyone a lesson with as extensive a track record of just not caring what anyone thinks or fearing what the consequences of those actions are?”

“This punishment is a JOKE!”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver apologized to those who were affected by Sarver’s actions … and vows to do better.

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