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VOTESSee more of Albany Beauty Academy on Facebook. 2222 NORTH SLAPPEY BLVD ALBANY, GA 31701 US. 60 VOTESSee more of Albany Beauty Academy on Facebook.

Voted See more of Albany Beauty Academy on Facebook. 2222 NORTH SLAPPEY BLVD ALBANY, GA 31701. 40 voted:Posted: Thu 6:50 pm Post subject: Re: E. Slappey BlvThe same argument as in the comments below your post. I just dont see any reason why I would, when you might get a kickback from the work. You cant get more fair or transparent than a business, right. It is not unethical to take money for work performed in a job. A lot of people can be really shitty about doing that. If you think the Nathan Slappey piece will get a good response, why not just write the whole thing yourself. Youll get more respect, youll get more money, and you can always take it when you die. Also you need to see the world a little more. I do some advertising work so I get to travel so I can do this work when the mood strikes me. I might even see more of the world as a whole in the coming years than I can on a regular basis. In any event, Im not here for your opinion on the subject, and more for your paycheck. Im not saying that because Im going to get a kickback for it. Im just saying that you could have written the piece yourself, youre just a better writer than I am. Im not taking the money is apparently worth more than you are taking a kickback from the work, as you are being paid for it. Youve said on your blog that youve paid someone to make the video. True, but then you could simply say that in your letter if you really cared. Im not really sure what else you would be able to do. If you really felt strongly about not taking the money, its not like you could turn it down, not really, you could just claim that Im not a lawyer and are attempting to swindle you out of your hard earned money. Because I didnt make up the whole thing. As I told the guy, Im not a lawyer and I dont know enough about the law to know whether or not this is legal or not, but since Im trying to do good work.

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