My name is Julia Gilman, Aka BeautyTakenIn, and I make videos about DIY, …

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Name is Julia Gilman and I make videos about DIY beauty, lifestyle blog. This video is about DIY beauty with recipes, beauty tid-bits, DIY beauty tips and tricks, beauty hacks and so on. It might include videos about makeup tips, DIY beauty, video tutorials and so on. I usually use my own products, products from places I buy my fabric clothes, products from different places I buy my ingredients, homemade beauty tips, my most wanted beauty and kitchen products, products to replace products I have to throw away, tips to make my life easier in my beauty routine and many, many more. The videos on this page are about DIY beauty, beauty DIY ideas, DIY beauty techniques. I use my own homemade and natural products, ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, the best products for yourself or that you can find in most supermarkets. I have a few tips on how to do DIY beauty, which you can find in my videos. But I always want you to have fun and be creative. VIDEO TUTORIALSI have more than a thousand videos about DIY beauty. And I have more than a thousand recipes for you to create your own beauty recipes with. I will be more than happy to share my best, handmade products and recipes with you so you can enjoy the best of handmade beauty. You can find them on my DIY beauty and beauty products page.

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