My life wasnt my own Gogglebox star Paige admits of time on C4 show after quitting

Gogglebox: Paige Deville appears on show with mum Sally

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Paige Deville, 25, has said she is excited for the future after quitting Gogglebox following a fallout with her mum, Sally Hayward. The Channel 4 star made national headlines after accusing bosses of providing “zero aftercare support”, in the wake of her departure last month.

She had spent two years on the award-winning reality show starring alongside her mum Sally.

Now the 25-year-old has revealed how content she is with her life after leaving.

She said: “I really am in a good place at the moment. I am really happy. I had two years at Gogglebox and it was fun to begin with.

“But it was long hours and hard work and not as glamorous as it may appear. I was running my own recruitment business then working a nine-hour shift late into the night for Gogglebox, where I sometimes finished filming at 12.30am.

“My life wasn’t my own. I had to be very careful on social media as representatives at Gogglebox would monitor it. I would be hassled when I went shopping. 

“Now I feel I have got my life back. I would never regret my time on the show but it’s time to move on.”

Paige is now focusing on running her Staffordshire based beauty recruitment business.

Palm Recruitment finds jobs for people ranging from management, sales, admin and HR to therapists, hairdressers and spa advisers.

At the moment she has around 30 clients and it is growing all the time. Her younger sister works for her and she is planning to recruit more staff in the near future.

Paige also told BirminghamLive: “Now I don’t have the added pressures of Gogglebox, I can concentrate on my recruitment business – it is doing really well.

“The health industry is something I am passionate about. I want to try and grow it as much as I can and bring in more staff.”

Earlier this month revealed Celebrity Gogglebox star Shaun Ryder’s reaction to Paige’s comments, as he said: “No support about what? What do you need support for?


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“What the f*** do you need support for on f***** Gogglebox for f*** sake.

“Is she a bit of a snowflake or whatever they are called or woke?”

Paige later told the aforementioned publication: “I couldn’t believe it when I read his comments. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

“I am a huge Shaun Ryder fan and think him and Bez are hilarious. I have sent messages before on Twitter to them saying what a huge fan I am.

“But comments like the ones he has made implying I am woke or a snowflake are not helpful. You need the aftercare to deal with trolls like him.”

She continued: “It’s okay for him as he is a big celebrity and has years of experience dealing with fame. But I am just a normal person with no experience of fame until Gogglebox came along.

“I have people contacting me telling me on social media telling me to kill myself. I feel you need support when you get abuse from trolls. You need help and advice in dealing with it.

“I feel Channel 4 needed to offer me the support when I first announced I was leaving the show to deal with the fallout. I felt they didn’t offer me that support.”

When approached by, a Gogglebox spokesperson said: “The welfare of contributors – past and present – is of paramount importance and robust protocols are in place to support contributors before, during and after taking part in the series.”

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