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The show itself itself starts off with a trailer announcing that this program is dedicated to bringing you the best of the best subtitles. So you might as well prepare for this by checking out your ID. This begins to beep and you see your ID is a rather typical Japanese one that says Mi rae. After it beeps, you look it up which now gives you a different menu:There are several things you can do with your ID, and you really should try the first two. You check out the first optionAfter checking out the menu selections, you enter your ID and press A on your remote. This brings up a new window with this:This is a nice big screen with all the video you need to watch, and you can even pause it at any time. So you can watch this as much as you want and listen to the program. In your ID window, you see your name and the date. If you ever need help or if you want to contact you, you can press the plus button above your name. In the bottom right corner, you see several icons, all with the name ID next to them. At the top is the number of people logged into the community as well as their name and ID number. Below is a large box labeled Your Name Here which lists the description, along with the community name, for your name. In the middle, you see a list of the other community members, in the order their names appear in the window Finally, at the bottom right are two icons. The heart symbolizes friendship, and when pressed, it brings up a small window with a small chat box that allows you to send a message to someone. The community chat box does NOT have the option to contact a specific community member, but rather to send a general message about the program, though you can also choose to send a message to a specific community member without a chat box. You message one of the community membersAfter pressing the chat button in the bottom right, you press the i button at the bottom and type in the name of that community member you want to message. When you click the button to send the message, the small chat window pops up:The community chat windowWhat you see is a short window with the person with the ID you just sent a message to and a link to their profile page. This is the screen with the community member that you sent a message to. After you hover over their name, you see information about them such as the name of their language, who they stream on Twitch.

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