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You do wonder where exactly the next town is though. You figure you could probably live quite happily somewhere else, but where exactly is still a mystery to you. With a final look back at the two girls still standing around you, you set off on your journey once again. Ve hardly ever left this place for quite awhile now. Re going in the direction you think you are. Re just running on autopilot right now. S probably no wonder why so many people have tried to leave this place. When you think about it, this place is pretty much like a giant video game to you. Ll meet the love of your life or fall in love with them. Ll be so exhausted, you just want to stop and rest. Then you start all over again. Your legs are getting tired of carrying you all the time though. Every so often you wonder if you should stop and rest too. D hate to miss the first train back to the city. Re starting to worry about your own survival. Re going to be running a lot slower than you usually do. Re going to get a train back to the city, when you see a figure running down the road. S definitely not one of the cars; this guy must be one of the few on foot walking around. T see him for too long, because he soon disappears in between the tall grass. You follow him a little further as he runs and looks to be heading directly to the trailer park you were in before you got lost. T help but to think how you actually ran over a few of the trailers on.

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