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You go to the bathroom to wash up, which takes a little longer than normal which is fine because you need to keep your mind on something else. You think about the girls you met on your trip and the places you went, but only briefly because you are still in an altered state of mind. Its almost like you are playing a game that you have been practicing for a while now where everything is in slow motion. Suddenly a scream from the bathroom draws your attention. You look in the mirror and realize that you are naked, but you are also naked in a way that is familiar. Your chest has certainly gotten larger and your hips have narrowed slightly, but your body itself is still your own. You step out of the bathroom, dry-heaving a little. You feel a surge of energy and start to charge at the nearest dark haired girl, but then you stop and hold a hand up to stop yourself from running and getting killed. You feel your face getting hot and a flood of tears stream down your face. My name is Olivia and Ive been a fan of yours since the first time you walked into the shop. A man steps out of a nearby kitchen and walks over to stand in front of you. He walks over and puts a hand against your chest and smiles Youre not a fan of mine are you. You start to say but stop yourself before you can even begin Its just that I havent seen anyone like you before and that I really wanted to meet you. You tell him about the girl you are with nowShes a regular customer and that Ive been together for a little over a year now and that we have our moments where we argue, but we make it work. You pause And thats all Im going to say about her, Im sure Ill get more questions. Im sorry about the girls, if I had known you were going to be there I would have asked a female staff member to help me. Kett stares at you for a long moment before nodding and shaking his head If you have any more questions, Im sure youll get answers to them. Well have to meet again sometime though, Im sure that in time you and I will become very good friends. You nod and start to head towards the door in a more sedate fashion, the Kett following behind. The Kett smiles as you walk by him, though you notice that he is watching the door to.

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