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You are standing in a small lounge at a large building. There is a reception desk and a large, foyer hallway leading off it. You are sitting on a bench, leaning against a wall and watching cars drive by. You walk to the reception deskYou walk towards the reception desk. You lean forward, looking at the door to the building. The door is a plain brown wood panel with one large, wide, flat, silver letter r painted on it. You turn your head, trying to see through the bright sunlight beyond the foyer. The building has a large, foyer hallway; it would take several minutes to walk down the hallway, so you just decide to walk to the reception desk to check if anything is open. You walk through the foyer, down the hallway and around a corner to the reception desk. You wait for a moment, but there is no-one in sight, so you cautiously open the door. There are a couple of small, plain-looking, white metal desks against the wall to one side of the room. The door opens up to a small hallway that goes around a corner and continues back out into the main foyer. There is so much paper, ink and books lying all over the desk, its a wonder that anyone has ever been able to keep them all straight. Though with a single, rather plain cushion on the seat. You think about what to do, since your mood has gotten slightly better recently. You put a book down on the deskYou take down a book from the desk and put it down flat on the desk. You dont feel like reading anything at the moment. What does it matter if there is a book on the desk, if you havent started reading it. You dont feel like being bothered with paperwork right now, so you leave the desk empty and walk out of the room. At this point, you have walked out of the foyer and up the large, wooden stairs that lead to the main building at the front of the foyer. The door at the top of the stairs is unlocked and you step into the main foyer. The sun is shining brightly and everything is bright and cheerful here. You see kids in strollers, a couple of older men wearing suits and a man in.

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