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User Info: DementorDawn DementorDawn 4 years ago 2 I thought this was about the opposite, that it wasnt about doing something good for a few days before taking an up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A, R, L, D, O, SPACEBAR. 111 style selfie, but more about being a badass for like a few years. This is about fucking around for awhile, but then getting something done. Its just a photo, just like anything else. How dare you think anything other than this is a problem. You cant get the worlds problems out of your head, so you need to find better things to do with your time. You need to get some shit done. You cant do that if youre taking selfies. I dont mean like, a couple hours every now and then with old friends, I mean you need to spend time with people you actually want to be seen with. Not just friends, but people from different walks of life. Not just the boring social types here at work who arent interesting anymore, but people who are interesting but dont really get a chance to interact with each other often enough outside of work. People who want to make new friends, but dont because they are busy with important work or something. So you go out and meet people. They like you, you like them, they like you back. The world outside is scary and scary and scary, but its not real.

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