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As you approach the front door, you realize youre not actually sure WHY you want to come in. It almost feels like youre just here to pick a fight. You go in and pick a fightYou decide, for whatever reason, youre going to just go in and pick a fight. You exit the car, get out, and start walking to the front door. Suddenly, you hear a voice from behind you. Its someone familiar but you dont know who it is. You dont look like youre from around here. Suddenly, you get hit in the chest and shoved into the wall. You hit your head on the floor, hard. You think you can fucking get away with this, you. You turn your head to see whos there. You run for the back doorYou run for the back door and start frantically trying to kick the doorman out until he releases you. Im not really sure where I am right now. You admit youre a stranger and are here on your own to visit MomOkay. James, James Reynolds, sorry Im late, I have to check on this car. Yeah, Im just here on my own for more of a personal reason. Yeah, the car is right over there and Im actually going to take you to meet my sister. Oh, well, you probably recognize me from movies, commercials, and TV shows, so thats a pretty big resume. So far, Ive been in more than fifty movies and TV shows. Im currently starring in a movie called The Curse of the Black Pearl. Im also a published author of my own novel The Heart of Atlantis which I think youll like. Oh man, I just love seeing you guys out there on the lake.

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