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Thats all the stuff I found, I might go back and change some stuff to help you out, But I wanted to give you the right information so that you can make the right decisions when considering your relationship with a celebrity. You talk to her moreWell, thanks for the information and Ill certainly look over these items, I didnt ask for your time or anything. Well, I guess thats the end of our little chat. Go back to your room and try to sleep, Youre still hung over, but you just need a little something to calm your nerves. Ill probably see what I can do about a date with the local club promoter tomorrow. Tomorrow shall see you in the limelight like never before. Your friend,Your friendYour friendYour friendYour friendYour friendGood nightIf there is any advice Ive ever given you, its this. The only good psychopathic serial killer is one you cant befriend. You think about that for a minute and then you think about that other advice youve been given. You go on a date with a celebrityIt seems like this is the best decision youve ever made. After a couple hours of talking via cell phone, your date arrives. She looks pretty, but a little older than you, probably around 25 or so. You get the impression she wasnt very popular in high school or college. She gets out of the car and you go up to her looking very nervous. Shes obviously taken on the role of hostess now, so she leads you to a table near the back where she sits first. You sit down and awkwardly start to chit chat with her. Its probably the first time youve talked to a celebrity, so hopefully all the stuff youve heard is true. What did you do before you started doing drugs. And why did you end up in a band. Its a good question and its really the first time you can think to ask these types of questions to celebrities. I was in a band called The Biggest Loser You answer. I was in my high schools band and I got in trouble for not paying.

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