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Well you do actually, but in this case she just wanted to find out what yours were. Your self-confidence is still low thanks to your mom telling you that youre just not good enough to be a star. And your insecurity about that makes you even more depressed. So yeah the next night your mom takes you to see a movie. Not really honey, besides the movies dont really make you happy when all you really want to do is watch your laptop. I still dont feel right watching movies with you. Youve got your Mom here and me. Her words are starting to make you feel better and you hug her tightly one last time. A whole new day dawns and then you start doing things. You actually dont feel that you belong there. You start thinking that you might not be a good student there. You spend the day wondering if you should come out with your Mom. Your Mom thinks about you the whole day. On the second day, you actually go to school, Your first day at all actually, And you actually feel good when you walk in, it makes you feel like youre finally a part of something. He goes on to explain in his lecture: A few years ago, almost all freshmen were sent here to be the class clown and to make others laugh. Nowadays, the classes are more focused and all freshmen have to study. Well Ive been keeping track of your grades. Youre not even first grade material. Well heres some extra fun for you. And he starts giving out little cards. Heres how much fun you can have on your holidays:-1. One of your best friends on your school bus will sing to you every day for an entire week.

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