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Yours,The Hair Extender CommunityIf YOURE not a member, JOIN today. You joinIf THIS IS something youre interested in, you can join. You go back to sleepOk, I need a few minutes before I go off to put on my hair extensions. You sleepYou sleep for a bit and dream that you are at a beach. You even get to sit in the sun for a little while and it was so nice of the sun to gently heat you. I wish I had more time to enjoy the beach You think to yourself This would be so cool. Suddenly, an evil, fat clown with a white face mask and a red nose approaches you. The clown asksYou stop and think, and think and then your thoughts are still and his thoughts are bad. You say, pointing out to the clownThat is rude, what is so rude about what you have to say. I am your hair, you have a good time with me. The clown repliesYou get a bit angry now, and begin to make a big deal about it. Just because I want my hair to be beautiful and long, I dont need someone to take my hair away from me. You yellThats just it, youre just another man that wants what I have. The clown begins to say before you grab his face and smack him. You shout, getting a loud laugh from everyone in the clown outfit. You look at the crowd and say Whats next for YOU. If you dont know, youre missing part of the fun. Everyone turns and looks at you now, a bit confused and looking at the crowd as well. I would like each one of you to stand up and tell me, what is your purpose and WHY do you exist. One woman stands up, and says her name is Mary. She says Im here to help you all. Mary looks at them both, then says Do you have any idea how much time has passed.

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