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Farias work is familiar to microbladers, as she is quite well-known. Julie Faris is not really a microblading artist.

Julia did a lot of my eye makeup. I think Ill be taking more advantage of her services from time to time. Ill definitely be adding Julia to my list of contacts. You did good work on my face. You should get on the internet and connect with others. There is always more help out there. Also, if youre feeling a little overwhelmed, you could always take advantage of the services offered by some of the microblading schools. You ask, perplexed by her cryptic advice. What if I told you you could connect with other microblading enthusiasts. What if I told you you could connect with microblading bloggers. I dont know what youre talking about, you say. Now that weve met, will you join me and Laura on our voyage on the internet. Im not really into the internet, you say. I know youre a little shy, but I can show you how to use the internet. Ill even teach you to search for information. Besides, Im your first introduction to the internet. Im not actually into the internet, you say again. If thats the case, dont you think it would be weird for me to teach you the internet in the first place. I mean, wouldnt you want to be able to use it right away. I mean, if you want to keep your dating life on a more intimate level, she says, flashing her eye at you. You agreeOkay, okay, just go on the internet. You show me how to use the internet, and Ill teach you how to use the internet.

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