Michelle Obama and The Lip Bar encourage voter registration with Bawse Lady color

Michelle Obama has been extremely busy in this year’s election. She did a virtual conference with her organization When We All Vote and speaks about getting the vote out, especially in marginalized communities. With the election just 50 days away, Michelle O has launched a new initiative in conjunction with Black-owned cosmetics company The Lip Bar.

The CEO of Lip Bar, Melissa Butler, posted a picture of Michelle Obama wearing Bawse Voter to announce they had created the limited edition matte red lipstick in partnership with Michelle Obama and When We All Vote. Forty percent of the sales of the $13 lipstick will go toward When We Will All Vote in hopes of creating more voter turnout in elections by providing registration events, text reminders and online resources. Here is the caption to the photo above:

Michelle LaVaughn Obama is wearing Bawse Lady aka Bawse voter in this pic and I just wanna drop down low and sleep the floor with it, do the stanky leg, Bankhead bounce, body roll, tootsie roll and chicken head real quick. That’s how exciting this moment is. ⁣

My forever First Lady is wearing @thelipbar!!!!! ⁣

Proud of this moment not just because of Michelle Obama, but also bc we partnered with @whenweallvote to support voter registration! And 40% of the purchase price of all Bawse Voters will go towards WWAV and their goal to get people to the polls come November 3rd!

[From Instagram via Allure]

I love a matte power red lipstick as we all know and I am here for this collaboration. I tend to get excited when beauty brands join up with organizations for social causes. It makes me feel as if I am using my money to do some good in the world while also having a great product.

So I’m gonna mosey on over to the website and throw my money at the Lip Bar in hopes of getting my hands on one of the 500 tubes of Bawse Voter (even the name is awesome). Yes, I said that right. Lip Bar only created 500 tubes of Bawse Voter. Anyways, Michelle looks amazing and I swear she is aging in reverse since leaving the White House. Hopefully, you all have a voting day contingency plan so that your vote is counted.

There's a lot at stake in this election and we need to make sure our friends and family are registered to vote. That’s why I’m excited to team up with @abcnetwork and @attndotcom for our #VOMO: Vote or Miss Out comedy special. Tune in on Monday, 9/14 at 10pm ET and make sure you're registered to vote at whenweallvote.org/vomo.

There are so many ways for us to express ourselves and our views––and voting is one of our most powerful tools for doing just that. Excited for @WhenWeAllVote's launch of #Vote4everMerch, a collection of fun apparel and accessories to get us all geared up to vote this fall: vote4evermerch.com

What a crazy week!! We’re still on a high from First Lady Michelle Obama rocking our bestselling shade, Bawse Lady! 💋 So we thought we’d show how UNIVERSAL this shade really is. It TRULY looks great on any skin tone. Grab this bestseller while you can at thelipbar.com, @thelipbardetroit, and Target!

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