Michael Cera Reveals Smartphone Scares Him

The ‘Superbad’ actor ditched smartphone after he was left ‘lonely and bored’ during lunch with his best friend who paid more attention to his gadget than his companion.

AceShowbizMichael Cera owns no smartphone and avoids social media. Determined to live without the latest technology because he’s happy being off the grid, the 34-year-old “Superbad” star insists his decision not to join sites like Twitter or Instagram wasn’t “conscious” – he just never got around to it because he doesn’t find them interesting.

“It doesn’t feel conscious [the decision not to join social media]. I guess it’s just something that I didn’t elect to do. Because everybody does it, it starts to feel like a big choice. But it’s just not interesting to me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Cera added of his phone situation, “I also don’t have a smartphone. And that is a conscious choice, because I feel a bit of fear about it honestly like I’d really lose control of my waking life.”

The actor went on to reveal he was put off smartphones when he had lunch with a friend who paid more attention to his Blackberry than his dining companion. Cera explained, “Right when people started having smartphones, when it was Blackberries, I had lunch with a friend of mine who was my best friend at the time, and he’d just gotten a Blackberry, and for the whole meal he was typing emails, and I was sat there lonely and bored. So I had an early aversion to them.”

The movie star insists his decision to avoid the latest technology baffled people for some time but many are now telling him they are jealous of his decision to stay off grid. He added, “For many years, people resented me for this lifestyle choice. But now people say that they envy it.”

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