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Html The page you were looking for is missing. If you try again, the link to this page may not function correctly. Please double check your spelling and try again. If the issue persists, please contact SupportReport this PageIf youre still having trouble accessing the page, please contact SupportFrom the desk of Brian Grazer, Marvels Chief Creative Officer:Its official. Im about to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Fantastic Four. If youve been reading this blog, which isnt that frequent, youll know that Ive always been a huge FF fan, and have been thinking long and hard about how to best celebrate this iconic groups momentous birth. For me the obvious approach wouldve been to do something like a documentary, but thats not something Im particularly interested in pursuing with the current creative team on the book; the problem is, Im not sure what it is theyre working on currently, and whether that would be part of a feature length movie like the one weve seen for the X-Men. So, as Im sure you know, Ive had quite a few offers for this story. Id happily do it, but Im trying to get myself organized to go do a whole bunch of things. I cant tell you much about that because I dont want to be spoiling anything. Ill be talking to various people and hopefully getting a series together by the end of the year. Im also not really sure what else I want to do. Ive got a bit of an artistic itch that I have to scratch every now and then. Im currently working on a few comic series and an animated series. But the truth is, Ive been thinking about doing this story that was originally proposed to me by a bunch of friends who are big fans of the X-Men. This story would be set on another world where a human called Victor von Doom has led a fascist regime. Hes an anti-mutant zealot whos gone to such extremes that hes actually tried to start a war between the two biggest mutant-loving factions on the Earth. Hes been attempting to take over the world, and even made a deal with the devil to become immune to his power. This, I think, would be a good fit for this new Fantastic Four story and an interesting change of pace from the rest of the book. Finally, my friend Mark Waid is trying to get a brand new ongoing in the vein of Mark Millars All New, All Different line of books. He and I havent gotten along too well because hes a very independent type, and I think his attitude towards Marvel is a little negative. But hes been kind enough to send me some pages from his latest book, which.

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