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You had to meet with a publicist for an entertainment site for a feature.

So, now we got a cab driver, a man of little knowledge, living in a small apartment, who just got into the fashion world, he finds himself chatting with a celebrity, even if he only says hi, and that celebrity happens to be another famous person. But then again, as you can tell by the quote I just read, the chance of this happening to you is pretty slim. You say hiYou look up at the man. He seems like a nice guy, although he doesnt speak a lot of English. So, it seems that your cab driver lives in this apartment building, just like you do, I have to be honest, as I started to wonder about the world that this world is actually making, as you are about to become a celebrity. Well, how about you become a famous person yourself. You dont answerYou dont answer, since you already know the answer. You then notice another cab drive by, and when you open your eyes, it is gone. You shrug and open your eyes, and see that it is morning. You take a deep breath, hoping that this dream is over. Suddenly, as you turn your head, it is you see that the door to your apartment is open. You go to your window and look out at the city. A large group of people are gathering around a group of people, which are holding a baby boy. You are surprised to see how their are so many people gathered around this. They all seem to be yelling something, but you dont make out all that well. Then, another group of people come out of the building, and you notice that they are also holding a baby, but this time, the baby is walking on his own rather than being held by his parents. Somebody then runs over and tackles the man with the gun from behind, and you see him being taken away by police. The crowd that had gathered is scattered, and some of them run away while some of them remain to try to figure out what to.

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