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In fact it was the original source that had the more interesting story. No, the story of who and what was sleeping was much more fascinating in many ways. You tell The StoryI must say my source was the most interesting part of all. And what makes you so sure that this is indeed the Sleeping Beauty story. You say somethingWell, as I said, my source was an anonymous person who had this source. Unfortunately, the person who I contacted was dead when I had the conversation with him. I have a few leads that Im going to throw out there for discussion in this episode. The first of those has been confirmed as the source of this story in all the different versions of The Sleeping Beauty. That lead was just a girl who was sent back in time from about the year 1420 to somewhere in Europe in the year 1698. She was actually working as a servant to a Prince and she was just a young girl when she was sent back. From what I understand, she was taken back to the time when the Prince died, and she apparently didnt meet the Prince when she was back. The host continues to study his sheet of paper, but continues to ignore you and continues to listen as the story continues. The second lead that I gave to her was the fact that the story was told that in the year 1821, there was a man in the small town of Rask by the name of John Snow. Apparently, he was a real life spy who was sent to spy on the pirates. When he was found and his body was pulled back from the bottom of the ocean, he was found to have many of their messages in his body, the message from the pirates, and the message from the British government. There was no message at all from Sleeping Beauty. It was pretty amazing that after all those years, there was no response. In order to find out more about him in the story, I went back and read his name in the book about The Sleeping Beauty. Of course, there was no such person as John Snow. It was just a fictional character that had been designed. In the book, there was even some indication that the story had been made up by a young boy named George Bailey. You continueThere are some other clues that I gave to her that I didnt tell you, because I felt that if people found out that those clues were from a fictional character, theyd just assume that it was some sort of spy novel or something. At the same time, it was hard for me to believe that this was the only person.

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