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FlagThe recent announcement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that there is a substantial rise in sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, among teenagers has caused a good deal of fear. But a new study, published in the March 16 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, finds that teen pregnancy rates are actually going down, not up. This is the first study of its kind to examine the relationship between sexual activity and teen pregnancy over the past decade and it shows that teen pregnancy rates have been going down since 1999 for all racial and ethnic groups. However, there also is clear variation by age. In fact, young people are the most at-risk demographic for getting pregnant when they start having sex. The data reveal that the risk of teen pregnancy increases sharply with the number of sexual partners. More precisely, there is a strong negative relationship between the number of sexual partners and the risk of teen pregnancy, the study authors write. This may suggest that young people who are sexually active may be more likely to make decisions that put their partners at greater risk. This is consistent with past research, since those who are sexually active are more likely to have partners who are more likely to have more than one partner, said lead author Dr. But the authors of the study dont stop there. They also examine the reasons why young people are at risk of getting pregnant and that there is one reason that stands out, namely having sex before the teen years. The data show that young people who have sex before they turn 15 are at a significantly higher risk of becoming pregnant. The study findings about first sex being associated with higher risks are not a surprise, given that there is a strong association between substance use and pregnancy, said Dr. However, the CDC study also shows that these risks are not the same for girls and boys. For instance, when it comes to sexual behavior, young girls may be just as risky as young boys, and that is more than enough reason to avoid having sex with someone who has a birthmark or some other physical sign. As you have probably already seen, teenagers are a very young population and there are very few studies addressing the risks of adolescents in general and teen pregnancy specifically. This new analysis of large prospective data sets provides a new opportunity to address this issue and provide valuable information to clinicians and policymakers, Dr. The study also found that having a birthmark and other physical signs may affect a persons risk of pregnancy differently, with the likelihood of getting pregnant being reduced for girls with visible physical signs, as opposed to other physical characteristics, such as being young, having a low education level, having been sexually abused, or being of African American.

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