Massive Lines at Miami COVID Testing Site During Omicron Crisis

Picture, meet 1,000 words … because this mega-line shows the depth of the problem getting tested for COVID.

This is not a packed-to-the-gills airport parking lot … it’s a line Wednesday at a Miami testing site, filled with folks who wanted to know if they’re COVID positive.

This is not a one-off … there are massive lines all around the country with people struggling to follow the CDC’s advice to get tested before traveling or sitting down at the XMAS table.

Miami-Dade is testing somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 people every day.  Some of the sites are operating 24/7 to keep up with demand.

Fact is … there aren’t nearly enough tests out there. In many areas they’re almost impossible to get and the wait time is sometimes 5 days and even longer.  Given the rapid spread of Omicron, that doesn’t cut it because as people wait for results they can and probably will infect others.

President Biden talked about testing during an interview Wednesday with ABC News, and said his testing program has not been a failure. Biden is promising a massive number of tests will be rolled out soon, but critics say the Administration was unprepared for the inevitable … variants that will try like hell to evade the vaccine.

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