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The couple became hilariously married after their relationship seemed to go hot and cold and tookseveralchanges. Theybothhadyears ofseparated years ofdissipation years ofdivorcingyears ofseparated years ofdivorcing Years of Dissipation Years OfDissipation divorced divorced divorced divorceddivorced married married married married married married marriedmarriageThey allgot married. Thatwasa story about a divorced couple and their new found happiness with a new baby. Im no writer and couldnt even get through a sentence without breaking down and sobbing, so if you dont like it, go ahead and stop reading right now. The last thing you really want to, is for me to go out there and write something you dont like and get all your money stolen. So if you still dont like it, dont read it. If you still dont like it, then maybe you should look elsewhere. And Im not telling you which one to choose. You find a different publisherThis is my story, not your mothers, and Im not going to let you or your mother tell me what kind of story I can tell. And if you are truly the good guy that you claim to be, then you might want to take a look at where your money is going. You: You just took out a loan to buy a house. You didnt need to take out a second mortgage to get a mortgage, you just wanted to get your own place. Me: I had to take out two mortgages, just to get the first one. You do not pay any more moneyYou: Oh. I will leave you to do as you please, and I hope that one day you will change your ways. Or as one commentator put it, If your moms book didnt sell as well as it did, you could have turned this guy down for your first.

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