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Your drink arrives and youre glad for its presence. You place your glass upon the table, not knowing which one of the many choices it will be. You cant just come in here and get me a drink. You scream, I live in this apartment, this isnt your place. Now, your customer seems to be in an even worse mood. Oh my god, I dont give a shit what you think. Then, he points at you, What the hell is this fat fuck doing in my apartment. He points at your drink, Get the fuck out of here, fat fuck. You start to freak out a little bit. Youre being called a fat fuck and a fucking asshole, and youre starting to panic a little bit. You dont mean for it to be, but something in your chest tightens from the punch and as the blood rushes out of your face, you throw the man a few feet away. He hits the ground hard, but refuses to get up. As he slowly turns his head back, he sees you are still coming for him. Your fist connects with his nose, knocking it completely out of its socket and the drink from his hands. Its as if fate has decided youre going to get your revenge. He sees your fist coming down and throws the last drink in his hand at you, hoping youll get lucky and hit the spot thats broken. You see the last drop fly off of the glass of the drink, hitting you in the chest just before youre sent flying backward through the glass. You fall on the sidewalk where you are dazed and dont feel the pain.

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