Many people have asked Oprah Winfrey if she will run for office, making …

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Bill OReillyThe bottom line is OReily has a point about the political situation. Even the most well-meaning of people can become lost in the political haze. Why go to the trouble of getting involved when youre going to miss out on something better. After all this has all been said, why not. If a new leader is going to take over, then maybe things will be different. Perhaps Im just getting old and jaded. After all, I have been on the air in the mornings since it began, why shouldnt I stay on for as long as I can. I had so many commitments outside of the show, but as it turned out, they all fell on my mind when I heard about the election. Since the election theres been a lot of talk of revolution. Ive heard it said that the government in this country is rotten and its only going to get more so. What will happen if you dont like what our government is doing with regard to you. Maybe one day the system is going to fall apart and that isnt the end of it. Maybe when that happens, people will begin to forget about the government and we wont be in the dire need for a new government anymore. When it comes time for the government to be taken over and the masses are no longer needed, wont the government just fall over itself without us being able to put up with it anymore. So why not leave a better country than this one where the government doesnt need to take responsibility for you. You stay on the show until thenThe show must go on, I have to go on this show one day. If I stop, I am no longer representing the rest of us. I dont mind saying though, I wish it were all going a lot smoother than it is on the show. I am not going to try to make it better. I am going to tell you what I can about the future of this country and I hope you will keep an open mind about the possibility.

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