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The video then zooms inside a closet, where a small man is making a bunch of hand gestures, presumably the same ones that Hayley made while on the phone, but perhaps she was just showing off, while pointing at various items of clothing. The man then turns his head and says, Im telling you, its a small world. Hayley then turns to the camera and says, I love you. Its not clear from this video, or any of the above but there is speculation that Hayley is in fact gay, at least to some degree and is a closeted lesbian. This has been somewhat confirmed by Hayley herself, in a statement:Hayley, youre gay, not lesbian. Im sick of people saying that Im one, either. On a lighter side note, it seems that Hayley has been in contact with the person who created the Gay Jesus parody video. As of today, they have yet to send any sort of follow-up video, but given the past relationship, theyll most likely do so. Hayley has said that shed still be willing to be interviewed on camera about her life, and that shed also like to see her own video made of her doing something like pissing in a cup. All I know is that Im always looking over my shoulder. Im sure Ill never see her again. And Im sure Ill never see her video. But I know shes smiling down at me now. The Obama administration is pushing a new law that would allow the Pentagon to recruit veterans who were separated for disciplinary reasons into the active-duty military. The Pentagons plan is to enlist more of the nearly 6 million veterans currently under the age of 62, many of whom were either convicted or found to have lied on their service applications.

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