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You can even find out what your neighbors underwear means for them. And if you dont like how someone elses underwear looks on you, you cant keep looking away. It means they havent thought through their wardrobe choices. Now I just need to see someone wearing this particular pair of underwear, on someone else, not me And Im going to have a heart attack. I really wish I knew someone who could wear underwear like this without making the wearer feel like theyre dressing like a whoreor like the character in the movie, Scream. Its too bad the Kardashians arent able to do this. And let me tell you something: I wish they could. Shouldnt anyone have the right to wear whatever the hell they think makes them happy. CommentsWe may be in a new era of American politics: the age of the independent and anti-establishment candidate. With Donald Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination and the Democratic race heating up, independent and anti-establishment Democrats are coming out in bigger numbers to support one candidate or the other. And if there is one thing Democrats have in common with Republicans, its not a party. Both parties are deeply unpopular in the United States and for very good reasons. For Democrats, its due to the growing gap between the rich and the poor and the inability of the party to offer any way out of it. For Republicans, its because theyve completely lost touch with their base. Thats why the GOP has seen its support erode so dramatically in the last few years. Both parties have become so out of touch with the American people, that even the most progressive member of Congress cant seem to find the same level of support among his or her own constituents. As a result, we should be looking at both parties more closely as presidential candidates than we do. At The Daily Banter, we are in a position to do just that by looking at both parties as we do to understand what is wrong with the American political system: the Republican and Democratic parties. The best way to do this is to look at their policies. Both parties are, of course, terrible on taxes and spending, but each party has a different approach to solving these issues, leading to wildly different ideas for the future. Below, we take a look at how the two parties would govern. Republican Tax and Spending PlansWhat we know.

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