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You feel a little strange every time you changeYou feel a little strange every time you changeYou feel a little strange every time you changeYou feel a little strange every time you changeYou feel a little strange every time you changeWASHINGTON Rep. John Fleming, R-La has introduced legislation that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from using its subpoena powers against any group that gets less than full-throated support from the American people. The IRS has a long and sordid history of using its influence and power to go after patriotic organizations, said Fleming. The recent controversy over their attempts to intimidate some Tea Party groups is the latest example of this abuse of power. I believe that the American people should be able to send Congress a message on whether they want these restrictions, and if not, whether they want the IRS out of their lives. Flemings legislation, called the No IRS, No Politics Act, would protect any organization with 501, c 4, or other tax-exempt status from federal government investigation or scrutiny. This legislation will keep the IRS in their proper place a department of tax enforcement, he said. The IRS knows the people, not the other way around. By protecting any group that is free of the IRSs influence, the IRS will be able to continue its proven role as a neutral and effective tax collector. Flemings legislation also would prohibit the IRS from using its investigatory powers to identify and punish Tea Party or conservative groups. Fleming said that the IRS scandal resulted in a dramatic blow through of trust in the tax collection agency. Americans are asking: How can a government which collects taxes by the barrelful even while exempting itself from basic accountability by setting aside millions of dollars to settle legal claims be trusted to do a good job in safeguarding their personal, family and business financial information. Fleming said he introduced legislation to prevent the IRS from using its subpoena powers to target any organization, and that he believed such legislation would pass the House easily. Senate seat represented by Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu, D-La. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutras community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Last year was my first year in game development, and by that I mean I started the week prior to the end of June, started working as a level designer for a 4-man Indie Company, and only began making some small decisions about the game in August. I had to decide between going to design school or taking a job in the game industry. I went with the latter since I love games and I felt I had enough.

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