Madonnas desperate attempt to stay relevant at 64 with topless pics

Madonna regularly shows off her incredibly toned body online

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No pop diva has reinvented her fashion and image as much as veteran singer Madonna, who rose to fame in the 80s, and it looks like the Ray of Light singer has no plans to slow down in staying relevant even if it’s not on top of the pop charts.  

She has taken to Instagram in recent months to share an insight into her life, pairing provocative snaps with thought-provoking captions.

Last week, the Material Girl singer sparked debate with a post implying that young artists should continue to push culturally-acceptable sexual boundaries – something the pop icon is no stranger to.

Sharing a picture of herself in a pair of black underwear and fishnet tights, Madonna said: “If you aren’t someone the church would have killed 400 years ago… are you even living.”

Madonna was recently accused of inhaling poppers on a TikTok live stream – something she has vehemently denied – saying she had “never done that before”.

Other youthful social media displays by the Queen of Pop include smoke being blown into her mouth by then-boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams.

Last year, the music star was branded  “desperate” by fans on Instagram after she photoshopped herself into a sultry photoshoot with her daughter Lourdes, 25, wearing a see-through dress.

However, some fans jumped to Madonna’s defence, with one person saying she “is doing what she does provoke attention and conversation it’s art people! Go Madonna.”

Madonna appears to be living her best life as she continues to flaunt her ageless appearance

Madonna regularly shows off her incredibly toned body online

Madonna has been taking to Instagram recently to share an insight into her life

Madonna often pairs provocative snaps with thought-provoking captions

Madonna recently sparked debate with a post discussing sexual boundaries

Madonna uploaded a picture of herself  in a pair of black underwear and fishnet tights

Madonna recently broke up with her younger boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams

Madonna and the 28-year-old dancer could be seen in a video smoking

Madonna recently died her short blonde hair a pastel pink colour

Madonna completed the alternative look by bleaching her eyebrows

Madonna has been known for pushing boundaries

Madonna put on a provocative display last month by placing her hand on her crotch while lying down and opening her legs

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