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ContinueThe more I browsed, the more I found information on various brands and various brands that dont seem to have a presence on the Internet. I could look through their entire collection of products and get recommendations on which ones I should buy. Then I found some product names I did not recognize. I checked out their site and saw if the product was an eyeliner, it had many product names like a black liner or a pink liner or a gray liner. And I began to notice how many of the reviews were positive. And here it comes:This is not the best product, but it certainly beats the crap out of most of my other products. Its the perfect shade for my skintone, I love the shape it gives my eyes, even when used alone and the applicator is so comfortable and easy. The bottle comes with a small mirror that goes really well with it. Of course I did not buy anything, but I was fascinated. I wanted to know more, so I opened up the box and opened it up to see all the contents. I saw the black liner and the pink liner, but also the gray liner and the blue liner. I could easily tell that they were from the same brand, but no mention of it. Several were positive, but there were quite a few negative and they were all about that they thought the product was not as good as everything else they could find on the Internet. And here it comes:This is a product that I love using, but I have to disagree with all the negative reviews. The black product does not fade my brown under eye lines or the lines around my eyebrows. The pink product does not do anything for my blue under eye lines or my red patch around my eyes. I found that the gray product did not work well on my redness. I would still buy this brand, but with a slightly different color shade. In fact Im considering changing to something else since the colors do not match in my line of sight. Why do people not like this product. What makes them say that its not good enough. The product reviews were written by people that dont have the product. The negative ones are people that have not had it, or havent tried it, or dont have the experience of having all the advantages as you have.

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