LUX Beauty Salon – Konstablerwache, Frankfurt am Main…

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Lux Beauty Salon – Konstablerwache, Frankfurt am Main. LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD : You want to go to Salzburg.

On my way to the Salon now, are you coming or just sit back and relax. You just hope that this is an art piece, and not some weird joke. As you follow The Dawg out of the store and down the sidewalk, he asks you a couple of increasingly strange questions. He also says something about the German flag, which is odd. There is nothing German about The Dawg, but you cant quite put your finger on why he chose the flag. Okay, lets keep walking,Oh yeah, the flag. Okay, lets keep walking, The Dawg replies as you keep walking, which is strange. You continue talking with The DawgAs you walk, The Dawg asks you a couple of increasingly strange questions. You notice the flag, but shrug it off in the same manner as when you were in the shop. After a moment, The Dawg asks you where youre headed. When you tell him Salon he says thats odd since there are a bunch of Germans clustered around there. Then he notices one of those German flags hanging from over someones shoulder and exclaims Ohh. Those are the ones that mean Salon on an upper floor, arent they. You reply in unison and nod your head. The Dawg smiles, and you are both relieved that The Dawg is understanding you. The Dawg seems to be enjoying your attention, and is obviously glad to see you. You say Los AngelesLos Angeles, you reply in unison, with the smile still on your face and your arms folded in front of you. The Dog looks around and says Thats the city. I wouldnt have known that in New York but immediately changes his mind after noticing you from the flag. A friend of mine lived in New York and he said he had a friend in Los Angeles.

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