Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals wedding to Ryan Thomas is ‘not a focus’ as she opens up on ‘being realistic’

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Lucy Mecklenburgh’s life now couldn’t be further away from her TOWIE days. While she’s still as glam as ever, Lucy’s focus is her son Roman – who she welcomed in March last year with fiancé Ryan Thomas.

She’s the owner of a fitness brand, Results Wellness Lifestyle, and has always had a passion for health and fitness. However, she tells us that working out isn’t a “priority” for her at the moment and she’s lucky if she can squeeze in any time for herself.

Lucy has lost the four stone she gained during her pregnancy, but admits she never put any pressure on herself. “It just happened naturally,” Lucy tells OK!. “You’re so busy being a mum, so I never sit down. I think that’s part of the reason.”

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Here, Lucy, 29, opens up about her “beige” diet, getting to grips with motherhood and why she’s in no rush
to set a wedding date…

You look amazing, Lucy! How do you find the motivation to stay fit?

It’s hard. But I think for me, it’s just not putting pressure on myself. If I can fit in a walk and that’s all I can do, I’m like, “That’s cool.” Even getting the car seat in and out of the car is a workout in itself. Not putting pressure on myself has helped me. It’s also about being realistic. I know that during the day it’s going to be hard. So usually I’ll do a small workout after 7pm when Roman has gone to bed.

How often do you manage to work out?

Not more than twice a week. Sometimes once a week and that’s being really honest. It just isn’t really my priority right now. I saw myself getting straight back in to working out all the time like I used to four to five times a week, but that’s not realistic.

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Do you and Ryan ever work out together?

Sometimes. We’ve done a few little fun workouts where we’ve used Roman as a weight. Ryan can do more squats while holding him than me because he’s so heavy!

What are some of your favourite exercises?

I used to be into HIIT training, but I much prefer Pilates now. I’m even trying yoga. I’m so not a yoga person, but I’m trying my best.

What’s your diet like?

I try to make sure that I have at least one really good healthy meal a day. I like to make sure that one is full of vegetables, and then the others might be grabbing a piece of toast or a sandwich. My diet is definitely a bit more beige than it used to be if I’m being completely honest.

I think one of the biggest changes I’ve made recently is that I’ve really cut down on my meat intake. I like to eat more plant-based and fish. I do have meat still, but most of my meals are vegetarian now. Ryan and I wanted to make a conscious effort. I’m weaning Roman mainly vegetarian as well.

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Is Roman a good eater?

Oh God, he’ll eat anything! I’m sure if I put something in front of him that wasn’t actually edible, he’d still eat it. I do worry sometimes he hasn’t got any taste buds because he just eats anything!

Bless him! What’s your favourite go-to healthy meal?

I love sea bass and new potatoes with loads of vegetables. I always do loads of roasties and use them over a few meals, like in a salad.

Does working out help you mentally?

For me, that’s the most important part of it. Especially over the last few months and being a new mum. I think mental health is definitely something I had to focus on and working out just makes me feel better and more positive. I can notice a difference if I don’t go for a walk or do a little workout.

How was your mental health last year?

The whole world went into this lockdown and I had a 10-day-old baby. It was very surreal! Thank God Ryan and I made a really good team and we really looked out for each other. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without him.

How is little Roman doing?

He’s got such a personality. He’s trying to talk and he makes the oddest noises. They’re a bit scary sometimes [laughs].

Who does he take after the most?

I would say Ryan for sure. He looks the spitting image of him and he’s very loud. He likes to be the centre of attention like a Thomas!

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What was your highlight of last year?

Roman! The whole year was pretty crap but I did have a baby and he definitely made the year amazing for me.

Do you have any dreams for this year?

I want to spend more time with my friends and family. I feel like I missed out a lot with the baby doing nice things together, so that would be really good.

How are wedding plans going?

It’s definitely on the back burner. It’s been a tough year for everyone and with us having a baby, it’s definitely not a focus. We just don’t know how long it’s going to be until the world feels a little bit more normal. We’re going to wait until everything calms down and we’ll start planning. It’s something exciting to look forward to.

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Would you like to have more children in the future?

Oh God, ask me when Roman’s a little bit older! He’s teething at the moment, so it’s really not a good time to ask. [Laughs]

Tell us about the new Pampers Active Fit range…

It’s designed for very wriggly babies, just like my little one. I love the research they carried out because I could relate to it so much. It found that 49% of parents thought that their baby’s development might have been affected by coronavirus and I definitely felt that at times. But now I think he’s absolutely fine. I think all babies develop at their own rate.

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