Lucy Liu Opened Up About Clashing with Bill Murray on the 'Charlie's Angels' Set

Lucy Liu is opening up about the rumors of her clash with Bill Murray on the set of Charlie's Angels.

After a crew member from the film detailed their own account of the long-rumored altercation between the actors earlier this month, the L.A. Times asked Liu about the confrontation.

Though the actress told the outlet, "I feel like some of those stories are private," she explained that the cast had a scene rehearsal that Murray was not part of because he had to attend a family gathering. Once he came back for the scene, she said, Murray began to "sort of hurl insults."

"I won't get into the specifics, but it kept going on and on," she said. "I was, like, 'Wow, he seems like he's looking straight at me.' I couldn't believe that [the comments] could be towards me, because what do I have to do with anything majorly important at that time? I literally do the look around my shoulder thing, like, who is he talking to behind me? I say, 'I'm so sorry. Are you talking to me?' And clearly he was, because then it started to become a one-on-one communication."

"Some of the language was inexcusable and unacceptable, and I was not going to just sit there and take it," she continued. "So, yes, I stood up for myself, and I don't regret it. Because no matter how low on the totem pole you may be or wherever you came from, there's no need to condescend or to put other people down. And I would not stand down, and nor should I have."

Earlier this month, a viral tweet alleging that Liu threw punches at Murray prompted Shaun O'Banion, who is listed as a production assistant on the film, to speak out. O'Banion said that "no punches were thrown," and that "I love Bill Murray (and had worked with him before), but what he said to her was totally uncalled for."

"He later apologized though not entirely sincerely imho," he wrote.

"I remember years later, maybe even decades later, some crew members that I didn't even know at the time came up to me on other sets and told me that they were there at the time and they were really grateful that I did that," Liu told L.A. Times. "I have nothing against Bill Murray at all. I've seen him since then at a SNL reunion, and he came up to me and was perfectly nice. But I'm not going to sit there and be attacked."

Liu also recalled that at the time, "what came out in the press was that I was this and I was that. It was incredible to me how it was turned around and they automatically thought that the woman was the difficult one."

"But I didn't understand how it got flipped when I had nothing to do with instigating it or creating that platform of confrontation or anxiety," she added. "So even though it's been decades, it's something that obviously I remember very intimately and have not forgotten."

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