Love Island’s Faye compared to Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer after dissolving lip filler

Love Island starFaye Winter, 26, has recently debuted a more natural look after having her lip filler dissolved.

Since having her filler removed, Faye has been showered with compliments. and compared to Killing Eve and Free Guy actor Jodie Comer.

One person said of Faye's new look: “She needs a bit more (filler) out the bottom. Looks like Jodie Comer a bit now”.

Another wrote: “Looks like Jodie Comer. 100% should not have fillers again”, as a third penned: “Looks like Jodie Comer!”

Someone else echoed similar sentiments saying that the reality TV star looks like Jodie “without those stupid rubber lips”.

Despite all the compliments she’s received,Faye admitted that she still plans on getting her filler redone.

Sharing a video on her Instagram story on Wednesday 3 November, she said: “So just jumping on the personal account because, you know, I’ve got two accounts now.

“Yes, these are my natural lips at the moment guys, thank you so much for the messages saying that you like it without the filler.

“But you know me, I’ll say it as it is and I prefer it with filler,” she continued. “So I’m going to take all of your lovely comments and throw them out the back window of the car because I’m having filler put back in, is the bottom line.”

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Faye explained why she decided to have them dissolved a few days before debuting her natural lips.

She said: “As you’re aware one side is bigger than the other and that happened due to a lovely challenge in the villa.

“I’ve got the lump up underneath now which I’ve never had before. It’s not anyone’s fault or any practitioner’s fault prior, it is purely because of the challenge and you can see that there it’s bigger as well.”

Faye said that she hasn’t seen her natural lips “for years”, but plans on having her filler redone next week.

The 26 year old’s new look comes at the same time asshe set up a new Instagram page called Faye Home.

The bio for the page reads: “Homes and property have always been my passion and now you get to see why!”

The account will show Faye and boyfriend’s Teddy Soares, also 26, renovating their new home which they’re set to get the keys for any day now.

Speaking about her new project, Faye told her Instagram followers: “I'm so happy! Obviously, you can help us and see us do all of the furniture shopping, it's just gonna be really fun!

"And I'm just really glad that we have a home hub now. You guys can ask me questions, hopefully help me along the way and I'll help you guys too. It's really exciting.”

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