Love Islands Dr Alex reveals life changing weight loss after removing toxic people and alcohol

Dr Alex George shared how he experienced “life changing weight loss” after getting rid of “toxic people” and alcohol from his life.

The former Love Island star, 32, spoke to fans as he took a walk in the park and detailed how he lost weight by focusing on being healthier and happier and not by concentrating on calories.

Speaking to his camera, he told his followers: “So I've lost a lot of weight within the last year, I'd say a life changing amount of weight.

“The main reason I was able to make the change was because I didn't think about weight.”

He continued: “So even though the biggest physical thing that's changed about me is I've lost a lot of weight, it was never the goal”.

“If you want to lose weight it's probably because you want to feel happier, healthier, more capable or maybe it's about confidence or your mental health”.

Dr Alex continued to say that he had seen changes after focusing on his whole life as a whole and not just what he ate, adding that he’d cut out “toxic people” and alcohol from his life.

The star regularly updates followers on his health and fitness journey, only recently sharing his body transformation with fans after getting into lifting weights.

As he shared a shirtless photo of himself flexing a bicep, he admitted the exercise has had a huge impact on his mental health as well.

He captioned the photo: "I am grateful for what my body allows me to do. I am grateful for what my body allows my mind to feel.

“I lift for my MH [mental health], wbu?"

Alex previously opened up to OK! on how he “turns to food” when he’s stressed and was trying to find other ways to process his feelings.

Last year, he said: "When I'm stressed out I often eat more, so I'm trying to be aware of my own habits and, instead of turning to comfort food, channel this somewhere else and do exercise or talk to someone or find other ways to unwind and relax."

Referencing his time on Love Island, which appeared on in 2018, Alex said he "didn't feel great" about his body on the show.

He shared: "I've had an interesting relationship with my body and food over the past decade. I talked about it on Love Island. I had a really unhealthy relationship with food and even though I looked aesthetically in shape – whatever that means – I don't think I felt that great."

Alex has also worked as a mental health ambassador with ITV and spoke about body diversity on the show.

He added: "I am pretty confident that Love Island would want diverse body image, but how do we work on the wider discussion around body and fat shaming, which still exists.

"It's still rife and it's a hugely underreported how much body shaming happens. We have to think about how we change that narrative and then maybe we will see more people come on TV that feel comfortable to do that."

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