Love Island spoiler sees passionate kiss as Sammy and Whitney pick two Islanders to date

Love Island stars Sammy and Whitney will be going out on dates in Thursday night's edition of the popular show, it has been revealed.

As the two single Islanders, both Sammy and Whitney receive a text during the upcoming episode on 28 June, asking them to choose an Islander to take out on a romantic date.

An excited Jess, who has been on and off with Sammy since he entered the villa, reacts, shouting, "It better be me!" to which Sammy responds, saying, "Come on, Jess."

And when Whitney receives her text, she cheekily invites Zach to join her on her date, shouting, "Zach, what are you saying?"

As the Islanders head off on their dates and enjoy some picturesque hilltop views, sparks seem to fly between Jess and Sammy as they pick up where they left off.

Sammy tells Jess, "I definitely wasn't ready to close the door… we've just got a little spark."

Meanwhile, Zach admits to Whitney that he is flattered by her picking him, telling her, "Shocked you picked me, but definitely glad you did… we've also kissed a hundred times and not spoken."

Zach adds, "I don't really know why it's taken as long as it has for us to have a conversation…"

And OK! can reveal that one of the dates ends with a passionate kiss, with viewers having to tune in to find out more.

But there is also trouble in paradise for some of the islanders, as Zach and Mitch appear to fall out over Mitch 'stirring the pot.'

Sammy and Whitney's pasta mash wasn't the only dry part of the 'Tasty and Naughty' dinner, as it turns out the chat at Kady and Zach's table didn't have much too it.

Later that evening, Mitchel pulls Kady for a chat to discuss her recent dinner date with Zach and ends up throwing his fellow islander under the bus.

During the conversation, Mitchel questions how Kady really feels and reveals she is still in his top three girls, saying, "You shouldn't have closed your door too early."

He then adds, "The reason why I grabbed you was because Zach just went, 'yeah, it was a bit dry, the conversation's not getting better'…"

Kady wastes no time in pulling up Zach over his 'dry' comment, telling him, "I think out of all of our conversations, that was our most awkward. What are your thoughts?"

Zach adds, "Definitely in the same sort of ballpark. It was definitely our most awkward conversation."

Kady says, "I'm not going to waste all my energy on you if I don't see something working on the outside… I think we're different."

But after Zach finds out Mitch had been stirring the pot, he decides to confront him, saying, "You don't want people to go around saying snakey sh*t."

"Did you tell Kady I said our chat was dry?"

Mitchel ends up admitting his blunder and apologises for his slip of the tongue, but it looks like it's going to be another explosive episode.

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