Lottie Moss on her savage dating history: I havent dated normal people

She was once famous for her party girl reputation but, after a successful stint in rehab, Lottie Moss says she’s in a good place and even considering settling down.

Kate Moss’ half-sister spoke about her treatment for cocaine addiction last year, admitting she had surrounded herself with "toxic people" who only wanted her there for a "fun time".

Now on a quest to find Mr Right, Lottie, 25, has signed up for the new series of Celebs Go Dating.

And while she’d like to settle down and "be married", she’s only prepared to do so "when the right person comes along".

That person certainly wasn’t her ex-boyfriend, Made In Chelsea star Alex Mytton, who she dated for nine months in 2017.

But if recent headlines are to be believed, her Prince Charming could be former Love Island hunk Adam Collard, who Lottie has reportedly grown close to on the set of Celebs Go Dating.

While the model and OnlyFans star hasn’t confirmed the rumours of a fling, Adam recently told how he’s bonded well with his fellow CGD stars, saying, "The cast really get on and we went out the other night – me, [comedian and influencer] Spuddz, Chloe [Burrows] and Lottie."

Here, Lottie – who previously dated The Vamps’ drummer Tristan Evans and has been linked to Brooklyn Beckham and Capital DJ and TV presenter Roman Kemp – opens about her mental health battles, her "savage" dating history and why she doesn’t like her social media persona…

How are you feeling about appearing on Celebs Go Dating? It’s your first time on reality TV…

I’m more worried about how I’m going to look on it – are people going to think I’m the worst person ever? I think that is just my anxiety, though. It’s not even that bad, but you think you look awful. When the cameras are on you, you feel pressure.

Tell us about your relationship history…

My dating history is pretty savage. My first boyfriend was Alex Mytton back in 2017 – he was in Made In Chelsea. That was quite difficult because it was my first time being in the limelight and being in London, dating somebody a lot older.

What type of guys do you typically go for?

I’ve always been a bit of a “fixer” in the past. I was in a place where I didn’t want to fix myself, so I was like, “Let me fix you.” If they are already f**ked up, then there are no surprises down the line. It’s a bit like, “I saw this coming!”

Have you been on many traditional dates?

I haven’t really dated normal people. I’ve always been in the public eye, so I’ve always dated that calibre of person. I never did random Tinder dates. I couldn’t really do that because of who I am. They could be stalkers and serial killers. I’m not going to go on dates with complete f**king weirdos.

What’s prevented you from finding a stable relationship so far?

I have dated guys here and there, but nothing serious since Alex. That kind of scarred me. I gave everything to that relationship and when I got nothing back, I shut myself down. It is hard to trust again, even on a small level.

Last year you spoke about spending time in rehab. How are you now?

Yeah, I went to rehab and had a therapist. Just sitting with yourself is so important – being with your own thoughts. I have cut a lot of toxic people out of my life. I had loads of toxic friends and they just brought me down. Now I’ve got rid of them, a weight has lifted from my shoulders and I feel so much better about myself.

Tell us about your mental health journey…

I was really depressed at one stage but I didn’t know I had depression. I’ve always been the kind of person to say, “I’m fine, I’m good”, when I’m not. I never wanted people to think, “She is struggling.” People feel like I am this confident person, but I put on a show for the cameras.

Did you try taking antidepressants?

I tried loads of different medications for my ADHD and it just numbed me. It made me less of a fun person. I don’t like medication and I don’t like something altering how I think. I think my mental illness is what gives me the edge.

What do your family think about you taking part in CGD?

They think it’s really good. For a long time I’ve been in the public eye, but you’ve never been able to get to know me. There’s been a lot of judgement, people saying, “Oh, she was rich when she was born!” but my parents were bankrupt. It will be interesting to show my real personality. I think I come across quite badly on social [media]. If I looked at myself, I would be like, “She’s a f**king train wreck… what a mess.” I wouldn’t like myself. This show is so good for seeing people’s personalities. I’ve met loads of reality TV stars in person who are so different to their [TV] character. Joey Essex is one of the nicest, smartest guys – charming and lovely – and you can engage in a conversation with him.

You show off your body on social media and have an OnlyFans account. How do you stay in shape?

I do the gym every day. I like to eat, so I have to go to the gym otherwise I couldn’t eat the way I do!

What about doing things like meditation?

I am super ADHD [and] unmedicated, so it is hard for me to meditate. Working out is good for ADHD, the exercise is half an hour when you’re not talking to anybody. It’s healthy to have half an hour a day not speaking to anyone.

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