Logan Paul Sports Broken Arm in Cast at Berlin Airport

Logan Paul has clearly been benched from boxing because we just got this pic of him in Europe with a busted hand.

Logan was at the airport in Berlin Saturday, on his way to Reykjavik, Iceland.  His right arm was covered in blue plaster of paris.  An eyewitness says when he got on the plane he was posing with a large stuffed penguin and a footlong golden egg.

Logan doesn’t have his next matched scheduled, so he’ll have time to heal.  We don’t know how it happened, the extent of the injury or the timeline for recovery, but it’s definitely a problem.  Logan, BTW, is a right-handed fighter.

Now it’s always possible this is a stunt — it’s half the Paul Bros for cryin’ out loud — but this seems like the real deal.

Paul was jawboning about Floyd Mayweather, asking for a rematch and promising a knockout.  He also talked about changing it up and fighting as a mixed martial artist.  He says he’s a wrestler at heart.

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