Lizzo Rocks Strappy Gold Swimsuit on Heels of Jillian Michaels Remarks

Lizzo‘s feeling good as hell gold about her body as she soaked up some sunshine, and had a blast on the beach with friends … and Jillian Michaels is clearly out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

The singer and her crew hit up Piha, a surf beach in Auckland, New Zealand, Wednesday … and she wasn’t shy about showing off her figure. Lizzo rocked the hell out of a tiny, metallic gold, one-piece swimsuit.

In true Lizzo form, she also did some twerking in the sand and posed for a bunch of pics … before she headed back to the office. She’s down under to perform at the FOMO Festival.

We don’t know that it was, but the beach trip might seem like a response to last week’s controversy. You’ll recall, fitness guru Jillian said we should celebrate Lizzo’s music, but not necessarily her weight … because it could lead to serious health issues.

Lots of buzz around that debate — but Lizzo definitely ain’t hearing it all the way down in New Zealand.

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