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George Strait was the man who took music from the Ancients, and put it in the sounds of music and the music of the world as we know it. There are others that lives in the San Antonio area, and in fact most of them live in the city themselves. There are other types of Music that cannot be,of courseYou hear the sound of music echoing throughout the park from somewhere in your direction. It sounds like it comes from a different direction of the park. You decide to turn a bit west to investigate. A man approaches the corner of your car and then the man slowly turns around. He is a little shorter than you are and dressed in jeans and a T-shirt but otherwise looks pretty ordinary. In fact your own appearance seems totally out of place amongst people of the same age, gender and other superficial characteristics. When the man turns his head slightly to the right, you are able to make out the front of his baseball cap as he gives you an unexpected smile. When the smile disappears, the man gives you an inquisitive look. I just noticed you were in a different part of the park than I was. Im just going to turn around though, because Im curious about who you are. The man stares at you in puzzlement again for a moment. You ask the man a questionYou decide to take advantage of the mans distraction by asking him a question. He looks up at you a bit in an attempt to look as if he can answer you or he might start to walk away. The man then looks at you with a bit of bewilderment as if he is trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with this situation. Its a little difficult to believe that someone of that age in a place like this. You know what Im talking about, dont you.

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