Live-action retelling of the Disney animated classic from 1991…

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You purchase this productYes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And I definitely want to see Beauty and the Beast in all its glory, even if its 20 years old now, and if its not here then how about the original Beauty and the Beast. Anyway, Id better get my ass in gear, since I need to know when Beauty and the Beast will be coming out on Blu-Ray, DVD andor streaming, and it should be on Netflix and Redbox by next week. Okay, now I need to get out the tape. This should take me at least a few minutes. I dont care about the fact that Im going to have to rip all of these movies that are on my drive to a new hard drive. What would be more important is my time with this film and how Im going to enjoy myself while watching it. Im not talking about what Im going to do with my time. 99 a month that I would love to have since I use it so much. You signup to subscribe to Netflix PlusIts pretty easy, all you have to do is enter your login information and youre good to go. Plus, Im sure it wouldnt be too difficult to get one of those free apps that let you stream on your mobile phone too. Signing up to Netflix plus is actually pretty simple. Its a little tricky sometimes, but if you stick to it, it wont be too bad. You just go back to the top right corner and there is an arrow that points right to Netflix Plus. Okay, Im going to sign up and then Ill let you know when Beauty and the Beast comes out. Now click on Sign Up and youll be guided through your Netflix authentication process and then youll be given the option to Sign Up for a Netflix account. Well, when you sign up for an account with Netflix, it basically means that youre agreeing to their terms of service, which basically mean youre going to be using the service for as long as they want you to. For this price, youre not going to have many problems getting the service because its pretty standard. Youll be given a username and password and youll need to choose a password. When its all said and done, youll have an account thats probably only going to have about a 110th as many movies as Netflix Plus as far as movies are concerned, but that.

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