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You take another drag on that cigarette and exhale. No, seriously, I believe that this would still be happening even if they had. Ve still been having to deal with a lot of nazis and other such shit. Ve been trying to find a place to put this movie for almost a year now. Ve already wasted a good year of my life on this thing anyway. They might not be, but they could be very interested in the idea of seeing a new kind of movie that a lot of people might be interested in seeing, not just those that happen to have cable TV, internet access, or even a movie theater in their town. Ll at least think about it before it gets buried a few years down the road. Re going to need one of those in order for the TV stations to think about us. Can we stay in one of the cheap hotels in town or something. Johnny and you spend the next couple days planning what you are going to do. On the third day you are both getting extremely anxious about the whole thing and you both spend the day sleeping. Re lying next to each other in bed, you both fall asleep. After several minutes of deep sleep, you wake up to find Johnny suddenly kissing you.

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